Major respect to my guy, DJ Ambush for taking the time to address this controversial issue. I remember about 10 years ago, I started to notice a shift in the way indie hip-hop shows were being organized and promoted. First off, the quality of talent declined dramatically. Second, none of the talented people I've been accustomed to seeing on stage were being asked to perform at some of the new "showcases" that were popping up. Lastly, I was starting to hear about these industry scams with the performers being required to either promote the show themselves, sell tickets to their friends, or pay a fee to be seen by some "industry heavy hitter" or all of the above. When I noticed this trend becoming the norm, I started playing more dance music and other genres and pretty much moved away from being booked in the hip-hop rooms I once loved. Having been a main stay in the entertainment industry for about twenty years, I know game when I hear it and I discourage any up and coming artist from being hustled by any of these "entertainment companies" or "promoters" charging you to rap/sing in front of so called important people. 99% of the time, nothing will come out of that "opportunity." Anyway, here's the video. Am' says it all in 6 minutes.

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