Audio: Combat Jack x Marc Lamont Hill

For those of you who don't know, Marc Lamont Hill is the young black dude who appears on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC who usually debates conservatives fearlessly and makes logical concise points pretty much every time. He's a Philly native, a real activist, a friend of many of my friends, a standup dude, and someone who inspires me to tell the truth no matter what. His interview on Combat Jack was really transparent and informative. I had to share it even though it's not directly music related.

Video: Janelle Monae x Jimmy Fallon

Love seeing my friends getting the opportunities they deserve. Janelle Monae is already one of my favorite people in the business. Her new single, Yoga turns parties out. Last year, she was awesome and sat down with my son for a quick interview for Phresh Pineapples. And now that she's working with one of my dear friends, DJ Suga Shay, it gets even better. Peep their performance of Yoga last night on The Tonight Show. *Raised Hands Emoji*