DJ CASH MONEY on Across The Tracks Radio

Being a DJ that was born and raised in Philadelphia, I can't help but be honored to walk in the footsteps of legends like DJ Jazzy Jeff, Rich Medina, Cosmo Baker, Grand Wizard Rasheen, Cosmic Kev, DJ Ran, Jay-Ski, Robbie Tronco, Drama, Diesel Boy, Nigel Richards, King Britt, Touchtone, DJ Casper, Baby DST, DJ Ghetto, and the list goes on. Having gotten to know most of these guys personally, I have no choice but to remain diligent, hard working, and humble. Everyone I mentioned has achievements in their own rights and are respected the world over. One man I didn't list above who deserves just as much admiration and is not mentioned enough if you ask me, is DJ Cash Money. This dude is a DMC Champion, one half of the classic hip hop duo, Cash Money & MC Marvelous, and a consistent battle and party rocking legend who travels the world year round doing festivals and dope parties. He is the reason most DJs around the world turn their turntables vertical instead of horizontal. In his words, it's not called "battle style." It's called "Cash Money Style!" We got the opportunity to sit down with him and candidly discuss his history in hip hop culture, always adapting to technology, collecting everything from custom character statues to weird gadgets, pinball and arcade machines, and more...

This is episode 27 of our Across The Tracks Radio Series. So much fun every time we record, but to have a proper building session with one of my idols was a treat. Listen up and learn you something.

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