R.O.A.D. Podcast

On this week’s nerdiest episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with @Serato’s Artist Relations team @Kutcorners and @MrSonnyJames and offer a few solutions to some technical issues that DJ’s frequently encounter with their groundbreaking software (4:27). Kutcorners addresses a rumor that DJ Konflikt (@MyFavoriteDJ) shared on a previous episode regarding #SeratoDJ launching primarily for the “sync” feature (15:20). The fellas discuss Serato’s reasons for discontinuing software updates on #ScratchLive (17:50), the infamous “Wifi Latency Bug” in #SeratoDJPro (23:45) and future software developments like new music streaming options provided by @Beatsource, a new DJ music service merger founded by @Beatport and @DJcity (34:27). Kutcorners remembers @Ztrip initiating the “Practice Mode” feature at @DJJazzyJeff’s @PlaylistRetreat (42:22) and Sonny speaks about his Philly roots (pun intended), coming up with Philadelphia’s own @Diploand @LowBudget (aka #Hollertronix) and spinning for “True Honey Buns” rapper @QueenBahamadia (54:30). Kutcorners speaks on the Hip-Hop scene in New Zealand (1:06:38) and his appreciation for @ItsTheRub aka @DJAyres and @DJEleven (1:14:42). The fellas speak about DJ unity, the misperception of Social Media representing actual talent (1:16:55), the evolution of club promoters becoming DJs (1:26:27) and the incredible line-up of DJ guests who appeared on Sonny and Kut’s #SeratoUnscripted podcast (1:31:55). Kutcorners shares how he got @Crazearoni and @Atrak to switch over to Serato (1:34:30), touches on the @Roctakon vs. A-Trak situation on twitter (2:02:40) and speaks about the occasional disappointment in meeting your heroes (2:07:40).


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