Serato 7" Fun

One of the coolest things to happen last year was to be offered an opportunity to join the Serato Artist Relations team. I've worked many years as a DJ and producer. It's pretty much been my mission to play and make music for people for most of my life. That said, I've built a pretty damn good network of other DJs and artists around the world. It's the perfect opportunity to be able to support them in an official capacity with the Serato team and make sure they're equipped with everything they need to know to go out and share music with the rest of the globe. A couple months back, my partner DStrukt came into LA from NY for a few days and in between getting a bunch of other work done, we managed to come up with a little fun routine using the new Serato electric blue and glow in the dark 7" control vinyl. More to come. 

Sonny JamesComment