#TBT IVC Lounge Volume 6 (Remastered)

About 15 years ago, I released one of my favorite mixtapes I've ever made. I was just beginning to cut my teeth as a traveling DJ. I was hitting various parts of the country and the world and buying so many incredible records out at that time. In addition to playing them out at tour after-parties, guest spots, and various Illvibe-branded parties, I was also setting some music aside for my IVC Lounge Mixtape Series, which tends to be geared toward a particular vibe. A vibe reminiscent of Philly's iconic Crimson Moon coffee house or the original Sylk City. However in typical Murphy's Law fashion, the audio for this mix was either recorded or rendered "out of phase." This means the audio sounded inverted, distorted, and low-bit. In layman's terms, it sounded like dog-shit. As I look at releasing the next couple of volumes in the series this year, it didn't sit well with me that this volume wasn't being heard the way I originally intended all those years ago so I took some time in the studio and remixed and remastered it from top to bottom. My good friend Oronde Gibson (RIP) was a champion of my Lounge Mixtape Series and this volume in particular since it had many of his favorite songs and artists on it. So I'm dedicating this updated version to him and I'm hoping you all enjoy the timeless music on it as much as he did when he was jamming to it.

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