Mr. Brown x SOUL POWER Medley

US and the world in Turmoil. Men of color being gunned down for the pettiest reasons. Most of America siding with the police who are pulling the triggers. Mass media criminalizing the victims in an effort to excuse the actions of the culprits. Social media on fire as true colors are becoming impossible to hide any longer. Everyone with something to say but little compassion to listen. The black American's experience still no different than in the Jim Crow era. Race war, police state, martial law, and desperate times ahead. When artists like Little Richard, Ray Charles, and James Brown were touring the chitlin circuit many years ago, they dealt with some of these same issues of black human rights being violated, justification by Americans based on biases and police records showing non-violent crimes, protests of any and everything, not to mention segregation but it was their sacrficies that made it possible for guys like me to be able to stay in fancy hotels and play music for a living and feed my family. I can't help but wonder what would Mr. Brown do or say amidst this current state of affairs and the biased media coverage we're inundated with. It's been nearly 10 years since Mr. Brown passed on and I know he was a different man in his 70s than he was in THE 70s but remembering his contribution to civil rights fills me up with hope that something great is on the other side of this nonsense. Say it loud!

Sonny JamesComment