Cure For The Common Soul Volume 3

in 2009 I partnered with my bro Hezekiah for the first volume in a new mixtape series called Cure For The Common Soul. It is a showcase of Hezekiah's various production credits, vocal appearances, song writing, and loose songs that either were forgotten about or didn't make albums over the years. CftCS Volume 2 was released in 2012 to great reviews. And now we bring you the anticipated 3rd volume. Hez is currently out of commission, recovering from serious brain hemorrhaging. But before he was hospitalized, we compiled twenty something songs for you all to enjoy. This latest Illvibe mix includes appearances from Kanye West, Wordsworth, Pumpkinhead (RIP), Immortal Technique, Chilly Moody, and more. Matter of fact, here's all three for free for you to catch up on. Finally, I ask that you support my man Hezekiah's entire catalogue available at a 40% discount for a limited time. A person who devotes their life to their art is faced with the realest of circumstances in these unfortunate times. Without insurance and physically being able to go out to earn a living, Hez's finances are in jeopardy. Every dollar counts, so please consider supporting the music we've worked so hard to bring to you all.

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