Chopped Herring x Carharrt Radio

The good folks over at Chopped Herring Records invited me to do a mix for their Carharrt Radio Special this month. For those who don't know about this label, these guys collect crazy rare demos from the 1990s + a few new boom bap tunes for their vinyl only catalogue. An extremely limited amount of copies of each release gets put out each week with no promo campaign prior to release day. Yet just about each 12" released sells out pretty quickly. Artists involved include Action Bronson, Masta Ace, J-Zone, Junior Mafia, Da Buze Brovaz, JVC Force, Fatnice, Paula Perry, Bahamadia and many more. For this mix, I brought in my dude Matthew Law for some added flavor on 4 turntables. These tunes take me right back to how the early to mid 90s felt musically. Hope you all enjoy!

Sonny JamesComment