A lot of people know me for my roots in Philadelphia's hip-hop, soul, and breaks scene but there's another dimension to my skill as a DJ. I get to play dance music for huge crowds pretty regularly and it satisfies the raging youthful side of my character. Therefore it made total sense when DJs Lean Wit It and Damage invited me to be apart of their UGLYBASS Crew a couple years ago. Here's the last episode of our UGLYBASS RADIO branded podcast before we get started at our new home, Dash Radio's LOUD Station. I'm all about playing fun music of all genres and in these mixes, I get to let loose and play a lot of the newer electronic music that may upset your parents. If high energy club music, deep house, UK garage, EDM trap, and soulful electro is your bag then stay tuned to our weekly show on Dash. We plan to break tons of new ish for yall.

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