Video: Larry Levan x The Choice

If you were around NYC and into the nightclub scene (particularly the underground) in the late 70’s to mid 80s, chances are you are familiar with the name Larry Levan. He is most famous for being the resident DJ at the infamous Paradise Garage. With that platform, he established a reputation for breaking new records and even began remixing and re-editing new records of the time for labels and they eventually became club anthems. For a true grasp of Larry Levan’s impact as a DJ and his contribution not only to gay culture in NYC but global dance music culture overall I recommend watching Maestro. It’s a documentary that goes fairly deep into such pioneers as Levan, Francois K, and David Mancuso. But before you peep that, check out this hour long clip below about the DJ/nightclub culture of the late 80s. A lot of what these guys dealt with 30 years ago is still happening now. 

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