Across The Tracks Radio Tonight!

For many years, I've done podcasts. Even before the word "podcast" existed, I would record mixes in my room on 49th and Pine St. for the first illvibe website. Simply put, we needed a reason for people to come and visit our website and see the events and products we were advertising. In 2000, there was no better way for a Philly DJ crew to drive people to our site than to give away professional DJ mixes every couple weeks featuring all the new music sent to us from indie labels such as Stones Throw, Giant Step, 7 Heads, Rawkus, BBE and so on. Some of our friends would be pumped to hear us exploring these new sounds and putting them onto music they wouldn't hear anywhere else. From my time in college to my extensive tour life, I always found time to do mixes for live radio or for what would become famously known as the podcast. Now we're in a time where new music is discovered via Spotify and hundreds of blogs scrambling to stay ahead of the game and (for the most part) promoting garbage created by people paying for exposure. It's a rat race I'm not that hype about. Instead I decided to bring back a show I used to do for Conspiracy UK Pirate Radio over ten years ago. 

Across the Tracks, co-hosted by Chicago MC, Fatnice is basically a taste of the music I love the most. The foundation of who I am as a person in and out of the DJ booth, is Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk, and Jazz. Each episode will be about returning to my roots as a DJ and dusting off some of my independent rap records + soul albums as well as discovering source material i.e. samples for past, present, and future records. We've been hoodwinked to think soul is only cool when it comes attached to blue eyes. I'm not drinking that kool aid. I'm hopping the train back home and heading Across The Tracks every Monday night at 8pm EST on Blazin 267 Radio. This is powered by Illvibe Media, Welcome To Soulville, BEAT*SOCIETY, Heat Holders, and GL Productions. All aboard...

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