The God, Roger Troutman (RIP)

I seriously wish I knew how to play a talk box. I probably wouldn't do it in public but I would put on quite a show in my living room. Maybe even a little in the studio too. Hell, Pink Floyd used it. Peter Frampton, Steely Dan, and more have used it at one time or another. Even Stevie Wonder has been known to freak it in his music. The most famous person I can think of to implement its use and make it a key component of his career was Roger Troutman (RIP). The anniversary of Roger's death was just a few days ago. When he was still breathing, he took the talk box to another level. Below is my favorite clip of him on Video Soul in 87. Respect to Donnie Simpson. 

Roger Troutman (November 29, 1951 -- April 25, 1999) was the lead singer of the band Zapp who helped spearhead the Funk movement and heavily influenced West Coast hip hop due to the scene's heavy sampling of his music over the years.

Anyway, here's a tribute to the legend Roger Troutman recently done by Byron Chambers. Makes me so jealous I can't play a talk box. Enjoy...

As a youth, I heard this computerized voice sounding instrument called the Talkbox (Or VoiceBox) done by a man named Roger Troutman (Lead singer of The Zapp Band)! The first song I heard with this sound was called Computer Love! It blew me away!

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