Happy Holidays to You and Yours as 2015 Ends!

Happy Holidays to you and yours from the Mr. Sonny James team. I hope you all made the most of this year and stayed productive. I had so much fun this year with you all playing in Philly and every other city I worked in around the world. Having the chance to take my family down the west coast shoreline during the spring, visiting 10+ cities or so got me revived this Spring. Morgan's Pier's packed house each week was by far, the highlight of my summer. Visiting Germany with DJ Lean Wit It made my Fall that much more amazing, hanging at the White House, participating in the first ever Playlist Retreat at Jazzy Jeff's house, and bouncing around in Miami & LA plus the fun gigs around the east coast has helped make an amazing start to a mild winter.  To all my friends, family, and fans, thank you for supporting this thing we do. At the end of the day, although we're able to pay our bills from doing something we love, it's really for you. Without you, we have no place to play and no one to stay sharp for. In 2016, I have a lot of new moves planned and hope to make Philly proud as things develop. Whatever it is you choose to celebrate (even if it's just living another day), stay blessed and motivated towards excellence. Not one of us is promised to wake up tomorrow so let's live each day like it could be the last. Major love and Happy New Year! 

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