Redman Is One Of The GOATs

Whut Thee Album started my love affair with Redman's music. But before that, "Hardcore" came on when I was listening to EPMD's Business As Usual album and I immediately said "Who is this dude!??!" Since 1992, Red has been one of the most consistently dope emcees that people almost never talk about. He's never in the average hip-hop fan's Top 10 list. He's rarely mentioned among the greats when these documentaries about the culture show up on Netflix or VH1. But he's done so much. And personally, I think Muddy Waters is one of the best hip-hop albums of all time. The thing I always admired about him was that he's sincere. There's no character or facade when comes to Reggie Noble. What you see is who he is 24/7. Having had the chance to open for him more than once in various countries, I can say personally, he's one of the most genuine people who remain at legendary status. I'm a firm believer in giving people their flowers while they are still alive to smell them and the release of his latest album Mudface gives us another opportunity to admire his talent, humor, and consistency.

Here's an interview he did recently with The Breakfast Club in NYC. I also had to post my top 5 favorite Redman tunes over the years. For young heads, get caught up. For the OG Redman fans, here's to some good memories. Cheers!

Sonny James2 Comments