Cure For The Common Soul 2

Last week I dropped a new mixtape with my mellow Hezekiah. Cure For The Common Soul Volume 2 is the follow up to our 2009 release, Cure The Common Soul Vol. 1.

For the past 2 years or so, Hez has been busy in the studio cooking up joints with Bilal, Kindred, Keyshia Cole, Blu, Wordsworth, Eric Roberson and more. Hez’s production swag is “on a bean” as they say.

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Video: Skeet by Hezekiah ft. Chris Rock

This week we release the long awaited follow up to Cure For The Common Soul Volume 1.

Hezekiah and I have been in the lab working hard to compile the best of his productions, vocal appearances and song writing efforts for the past two years and putting it together in a fresh way for y’all to enjoy. This Thursday, you can look forward to hearing the outcome of Cure For The Common Soul Volume 2 (Famous Last Words) in it’s entirety. To get you in the mood, check out the video for one of the songs appearing on the mixtape featuring Chris Rock. Skeet skeet skeet…