J-Rocc x Statik x Heineken Green Room

Back from Miami. I love doing WMC. There are so many people I got the chance to meet, hang out with, and DJ alongside. Too many to name actually. One love and respect in particular to Mr. Manuvers, Sammie, and the Champion Sound crew for their hospitality and generosity. I got the proper Miami tour of dope eateries and venues. Mad fun every time I hang out with them. Good to have famalam in various places. Jump n Funk / Spread Love was dope as well as Chocolate Sundays. Dancefloors got rocked and people got educated. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Tonight, we celebrate Little Giant’s birthday with a special Heineken Green Room at Walnut Room. One of my favorite DJs in the world, J-Rocc from the legendary Beat Junkies will be on the set with me. Everyone that knows about him is amped. If you’re not in the know, J-Rocc is widely regarded as the king of party rocking. He is also the tour DJ for Madlib, Dilla, and Black Star. His resume speaks for itself but his ability to rock crowds across the world is why he gets respect globally. Looking forward to seeing y’all out for this one.

Black Milk x Chill Moody x Heineken x Silk City

I had a blast in Nashville with the Boom Bap Crew. One love to Case Bloom for the hospitality and for inviting me to get down. The party was wall to wall packed and the energy was right! You guys are the best. As this Dilla Month comes to a close, we will be rocking out at Silk City tonight in Philly for another special Heineken Green Room. Yours truly alongside, Black Milk, Chill Moody, and J. Pinder will be performing. I’m looking forward to see folks out tonight. Details below.