Video: Slavery to Mass Incarceration

I read an announcement today that President Obama is now commuting non-violent drug offendences in an effort to reduce the epidemic of mass incarceration in this country. This is a long overdue process and as a person who always feels at risk of being mistaken for a criminal, or like i’m challenging authority by asking a question, or because of my size, that I’m a physical threat to pretty much everyone, I have a small sigh of relief. 

The prison system is simply an extension of the slavery system. Both are primarily driven by fear and racism and there is no coincidence that the majority of those incarcerated for long periods of time are people who look like me. Many short sighted folks will tell you it’s because men of color and those who live in the inner city are susceptible to crime more than white males or those in the suburbs. I’m here to tell you, I grew up in the suburbs and I remember the grade school warnings of child molesters in the area, or the men being investigated for rape in our townhouse complex, and various drug offenses and hate crimes against pretty much anyone who wasn’t straight and Caucasian. I digress though, peep this video below and get caught up on the history of slavery and mass incarceration. Big up Questlove for sharing this one earlier tonight.

Sonny JamesComment